Campion Sales was established in 1927 and is a company that represents Manufacturers of Security and A/V products. We Are a Valued Manufacturers Rep, and We Think Differently!

We work hard to be the people that you KNOW, LIKE, TRUST, and WANT to do business with. We strive to be the ONE VALUABLE TOOL that you keep in your back pocket. You don’t need to have faith in technology to get the job done, just put your faith in us!

Our whole world has changed. EVERYONE is not only connected, but EVERYONE has access to EVERYTHING at the click of a mouse. Campion Sales has ways of conferencing and demonstrating products in person and remotely, which is the way of the world right now especially with the COVID19 Pandemic that has stopped us in our tracks and changed our way of life and doing business.

Currently, you will see a constant Campion Sales presence on Linked-In, YouTube, and featured in our quarterly Newsletter. Bi-Annually, we host Technology Shows, and have other methods of keeping you up to date on our represented products

Campion Sales is starting a news channel to showcase our products and people. Keep an eye out because CAMPION TV is coming soon!

Security and Video Surveillance!

If you're new to Security and Surveillance Technology or you're a seasoned veteran, our professional team can match you with the right products and provide you with expert training. At Campion Sales we are committed to improving every aspect of your security project, from CCTV cameras to storage servers and IP networking. Visit our partners - contact us today. We are a new breed of manufacturers representative!

Audio / Visual Professionals

Campion's professionals can help you find the AV solutions you need. Remove the complexity of system design by consulting with our experts or participating in our new technology events. Our team has a firm commitment to relationships, and an unflinching focus on innovation through technology. Visit our partners - contact us today.
Empowering Solutions - Campion Sales

Empowering Solutions

Campion Sales believes in helping companies embrace best-in-breed Security Technology that empowers our customers for success. Our team provides system design services and demos to integrators and consultants. We can help, give us call today.

CTS 2019 - Campion's Technology Showcase

Technology Showcase Events

Campion's Technology Showcase was founded to keep uptodate on the ever changing, rapidly growing, need for sophisticated Security, Audio and Video solutions. We are proud to represent the Top Technology Innovators - Look out for a fun day to learn and see the latest technology at a CTS 2019 event near you. Call for a CTS 2019 events schedule.

Engaged Customers - Campion Sales

Engaged Customers

Campion Sales is excited to partner with industry leading manufacturers for our annual technology events hosted at TopGolf. The focus for this event: How To Utilize IP Security Effectively Today and in the Future. CTS 2019 Houston and CTS 2019 San Antonio were fun and succesful events. Call us for more information.