About Us

Why We're Different

Since our beginning in 1927, we've successfully represented literally hundreds of brands. Simply put, we are experts in establishing strong sales for new and established brands. When we take on a new brand, it becomes part of our family, part of our fabric, part of us.

We pride ourselves on knowing the products we represent inside and out. We're constantly training, reading and testing. It's no surprise that a lot of companies just "sell stuff." For us, it's not just about taking orders, it's about building relationships.

For the last 20 years we've focused in on the security market. This focus has produced stellar results for every client we represent. The brands in our portfolio consistently show growth in the territories we represent, and as a result our customer base is always expanding. We've been instrumental in closing big deals because we're "hands on" and committed to success.

In 2017 we launched our Audio-Visual division. We recognize the convergence of security and AV and continue to evolve as a manufacturer’s rep to best service our clients. A fresh face in the industry has been well received in the market. Our go to market strategy and backend support is parallel to none.

We like to think a business is a lot like talking about your favorite sports team; you can talk about it all day long but what really matters is the results. While most companies sit on the sidelines, we're out there on the field, in the middle of the action and we like it.

When clients join the Campion team they win, plain and simple; our stats speak for themselves.

Thanks for visiting our site and getting to know us. Contact us today and see the difference Campion Sales can make for your product line.

Team Campion

Scott Dabney
President - Dallas Texas
(214) 505-1102
Lynn Dabney PSNA
Chief Executive Officer - National Accounts
(214) 212-2130
Luke Hagar PSNA
Vice President/Solutions Specialist - Oklahoma
(214) 686-6754
Graham Smith
Solution Specialist - Arkansas, North Louisiana, Dallas Texas, East Texas, West Texas
(214) 454-7176
Greg Eisert
Solution Specialist - Austin Texas, San Antonio Texas, Texas Valley Texas
(916) 508-4529
Rodney Young
Solutions Specialist - South Louisiana, Houston Texas
(713) 478-5313
Nancy Shannon
Sales Coordinator/Executive Admin -
(972) 471-3466
Karen Davis
Sales Coordinator -
(972) 471-3466
Kace Swafford
Sales Coordinator/Marketing -
(972) 471-3466
Taylor Watson
Solution Specialist - South Louisiana, Austin Texas, Houston Texas, San Antonio Texas, Texas Valley Texas
(972) 948-2391