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CTS2022 ICT Overview

An ICT solution provides access control and intrusion detection in a single, unified platform. Scalable security for any business.

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CTS2022 TOA Electronics

TOA is proud to present voice alarm systems, intercom systems, speakers, proSound, wireless systems and conference systems and more!

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CTS 2022 Cool Pony Digital Signage

Cool Pony Tech, one-stop-shop for all things digital signage, indoor/outdoor LED video walls, indoor/outdoor 4k touchscreen video kiosks, 4k touchscreen whiteboards, transparent video walls, curved video walls for almost any surface.

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Experience the latest integration for TOA Electronics

Eric interviews the VP of Sales & Service, Chuck Olson, on American Time's EvereAlert System, what it does, how it works & the origins of the latest collaboration with TOA.

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Are you needing a EASILY Re-Configurable Audio Need?

STNet IP-Addressable/Dante Series is YOUR End to End Digital Audio Solution. The system operates on DanteĀ®-enabled platforms allowing seamless connectivity with hundreds of other devices all operating on the industry-standard DanteĀ®, digital networking platform.

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Infinito: The new experience of networked audio control starts here

"Infinito was entirely developed by the FBT Research and Development team. Infinito is dedicated to next-generation products, such as active speakers, matrix processors, and processed power amplifiers. Infinito uses a TCP/IP protocol over Ethernet infrastructure, based on the open standard AES70 of the OCA Alliance. Additional flexibility is guaranteed by the innovative graphic interface of Infinito, based on three operating modes: SETUP, TUNING and SHOW. Each of these is protected by security passwords, to avoid unintentional parameter changes Discover more about Infinito here. "

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Wireless Screen Casting is Easy as 1, 2, 3 - Wave 101

The Atlona AT-WAVE-101 is an innovative wireless presentation system designed for quick and easy content sharing from up to four PCs or mobile devices. This video introduces three of the distinguishing features of the WAVE-101, including simple wireless AV connectivity, Dynamic Layout Mode, and Instructor Mode.