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Quick & Easy install with the Crimson All-in-one dvLED Display system

All-In-One dvLED Display systems All In One systems with slim body and light weight modular design that delivers all of the benefits of LED. Simply transform an environment and make a long lasting impression. Integrated with external devices, wireless screen transmission, remote video conference, and multi window splicing to maximize user engagement. Seamless surface, adjustable brightness and color temperature. 100% image restoration and high refresh rate to bring you a HD visual experience. 160ยบ super wide viewing angle and 2-30m visible viewing distance with deeper colors to allow every seat to be VIP. Works like a common display device.

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Code Blue delivers Help at the Touch of a button.

Code Blue, Piezoelectric button is self-diagnosing, no moving parts, won't stick or jam and is vandal/weatherproof resistant.

CTV ReporterLynn Dabney / Campion / SECURITY TECHNOLOGY

Help Point delivers quality customer services

Help Point delivers boarding assistance, alerts train conductors and allows commuters a secure atmosphere.