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Bespeco cables involves mechanical reliability and sound clearness, thus purity and durability. Bespeco has reinvented the concept of musical instrument stand, creating unique and reliable accessories of this kind Bespeco’s connectors and adaptors are made respecting meticulous processes, which grant a perfect adherence among connections and zero tolerance in terms of noise created by defects.

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FBT is now a leading industry at national and international level. A long high varied experience ranging from Professional Audio Equipment, through Audio Contractor installed sound systems, to the Musical Instrument Distribution division, focused on the marketing of top brands such as Sabian, JTS and Crafter in the Italian market.


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JTS is a professional manufacturer of microphone products. During the hi-tech development process, we also take care of the concept of green earth.

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As the parent company of six major manufacturing brands, MSE Audio® utilizes the latest audio technology to produce quality speakers with exceptional sound. Our products are created through truly synergistic, cross-platform engineering to deliver lasting durability, industry-leading quality, and refined aesthetics.

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TOA is the acoustic expert and is always seeking the perfect sound. At TOA we have made it our mission to supply you not just with high-quality equipment but above all with first-class sound. Whether in schools, concert halls, airports or stadiums - our sound systems make millions of peoples’ lives safer and more enjoyable.

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